Sports Profile: Rachael Scott

By Irving de la Torre

“Work hard, play hard.” A quote Rachael Scott lives and goes by. Scott, a senior, plays varsity volleyball and runs track. She’s an all-around and key player in volleyball and a captain.

   Scott has loved volleyball since she started back in Killeen in 7th grade. She was on the varsity team  her freshman and sophomore years at Killeen and  has been at LHS since her junior year. Now as a senior, she’s an important aspect to the team and playing well and hard, looking to being recruited by a college.

Irving: What do you plan on doing with volleyball after high school? Any schools recruited you yet?

Rachael: I plan on playing volleyball for a Texas D1 (Division 1) school. And no, no schools are looking at me yet, but I’m contacting schools for recruitment.

Irving: How important is volleyball to you?

Rachael: Very important, pretty much my life actually (chuckles). It’s what I look forward to everyday.

 Irving: How’s the team doing this year?

Rachael: We are doing awesome! It’s so much fun this year! We are really great friends on and off the court.

Irving: What keeps you going?

Rachael: When I’m hurt or tired, I always think about my teammates and how hard they work and then I decide I’m going to go 100% and not let them down. The thought of letting them down drives me to work harder.

     That’s Rachael Scott in a jiffy! Come out and support the Lady Lion volleyball team as they close out the 2009 season in our home gym against Cedar Park.