JV Tennis Travels to Georgetown Tournament

JV Prepares for Westwood Tournament


Jack Densmore

Freshman Lauren Pohl after hitting the ball towards the other side of the court

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

Junior Varsity Tennis traveled to the Georgetown tournament this past week. Leander had a few players go to the final rounds in the tournament when they faced off against multiple teams.

Girls-Doubles faced some tough losses when sophomore Paris Durante and sophomore Alexandra Nandin lost in the second round to Killeen 8-5 after advancing from a bye. Freshman Abby Parker and junior Laura-Marie Kempinger faced a tough match when they faced Georgetown, they weren’t able to advance from the first round and went to the consolation round and faced Westwood where they faced a tough match and lost 6-3. Freshman Lauren Pohl and freshman Isabel Vargas moved to the second round after beating Dripping Springs 8-3, but they faced a tough match and came up short 8-1 against Lampasas.

“Abby is getting better and better,” said Kempinger about her doubles partner Parker. “I improve myself, ┬ábut not as much as Abby did.”

Boys-Doubles faced a tough match when juniors Conner Evans and Parker McCoy came up short against Rarangol and Huey in the first round, and also came up short in the consolation against Hyde Park 6-3.

Overall in my mind I thought we were going to do pretty good between school which we did. We had some awesome matches and overall pretty great gameplay,” said Costa.

G-Singles faced a series of tough matches when sophomore Clara Benefield faced a tough loss in the first round against Georgetown, but Benefield won in the second round consolation round against Belton, but came up short in the third round consolation against Harker Heights. Sophomore Natalie Garner came up short in the first round against Killeen and also came up short in the consolation against Westlake. Freshman Emma Aldred came up short in the first round against Georgetown, but continued to win the consolation by defeating Coppers Cove and Dripping Springs.

“I’ve improved myself, I don’t know how the others did, but it was fun,” said Kempinger.

B-Singles also faced some tough matches when junior Ricky Costa came up short against Georgetown after coming off a bye, but would later conquer the consolation rounds by defeating Coppers Cove, Georgetown, and Killeen. Junior Nathan Archibald came up short in the first round against Cedar Ridge, and would later face a tough match against Westwood in the consolation with Westwood gaining the victory 8-1. Junior Matthew Archibald faced a tough first round matchup against Westwood, but came up short and faced Vista Ridge in the consolation with Vista Ridge gaining the consolation victory.

“I’m preparing for this Thursday tournaments by really getting out there on the courts and working on my weak points on my strategy in my gameplay,” said Costa. “And definitely some warm clothes for the morning matches.”