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Club Spotlight: HOSA

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Club Spotlight: HOSA

by Matthew Grissom

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When Ebola strikes, HOSA is there to cure your ills. HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America.) members are our future doctors or nurses of America. HOSA studies everything to SPR to the human body parts. HOSA is a club and have elected leaders such as Vice President junior Emma Mowery and Treasurer senior Abbigail Gregorio. The club takes place in room 2323 or Mrs. Hall’s room. They meet weekly and they do various things like blood drives. According to Mrs. Hall, the leader of the club,you would have to pay some dues to the club and pay to join. The only problem is, the only time you could join was the middle of October, so sadly you missed the deadline (no pun intended.).

“In order for the blood drive to work,” said Hall, “we need officers from the officer’s hospital to come to central Texas and approve of our blood drive. After we get it all set up we are ready to do the drive.”

Short and to the point, HOSA is a pretty awesome club. They want to become the future doctors of America and will do anything for that. They are truly the doctors of tomorrow.

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Club Spotlight: HOSA