Social Media Review: Tumblr


yoko via Flickr CC

Tumblr is a blog based social media website. Over 200 million blogs have been created on the site.

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor

Tumblr is a social media account where users create their own blogs and can post whatever they want from plain text posts to megaposts with 100’s of links. There are millions of blogs to follow that cover all topics. A blog can be completely comical with humorous posts or beautiful and aesthetic through poetry, pictures and much more giving this site a 4/5 stars.

Tumblr is perfect for users who want to have a private social media page that is impossible for people they know to find. Whenever someone creates a instagram, facebook or twitter account, they are directed to people on their contact lists’ page to follow/friend. There are also sidebars on the websites that show them ‘people you may know’. This does not happen with tumblr. The only way someone can find a user’s blog is if they are given it’s name or see it on their dash.

This is a great thing, because whenever a user gets on to tumblr, they don’t have to read about how crazy Jessica’s Friday night was, or how sad Tom is that his girlfriend left him for the third time. Instead, the user can enjoy whatever it is they have chosen to follow and can also feel free to blog whatever they want because they know there is a small chance of their peers, family members or colleagues see it.

Tumblr is also fun to interact with other people on. Users can anonymously or personally ask questions or send fan mail/private messages to other blogs. It’s great because it works as an outlet where users can interact with people they would never meet or speak to irl (in real life).

Tumblr is a great social media site. It allows for expressive freedom, is a great outlet for artists and a comical relief. I would highly recommend people to create their own blogs and explore the beautiful tumblr world.