The Walking Dead: The Comic vs The Show


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Negan’s most memorable moment in the comics. This was at the point in the comics when a big character was batted.

The season six finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead was aired last Sunday, and it was big. The finale featured the famous comic book villain Negan, and his lovely bat Lucille, but how has the show differed from the comics this season? Although some characters switched roles, there wasn’t many differences in the scenes. Here are five differences from season six of the show, and the issues of the comics. WARNING: the rest of this article will have some spoilers to both the comic and show.

1. The Wolves/The Scavengers

First of all, The Wolves never really make an appearance in the comic, but play an important role in the plot of season six. Their comic counterpart is more so non existent. In the comic they are called The Scavengers, but they are pretty much dealt with at the hands of Andrea, who’s still alive in the comics at this point. They were pretty much wiped out on an attempted attack on Alexandria. However, in the show, The Wolves do a lot of damage to Alexandria, and eventually cause the walls of Alexandria to fall, which would result in a few people dying.

2. Judith

In the comics, Judith meets a gruesome death as far early as The Governor storyline. Lori and Judith were both killed after Lori was shot, fell, and crushed her child, while also dying at the same time. However, Judith is alive and well in the show, but has met a few close calls. Luckily, she’s being protected by Father Gabriel, who has grown to be pretty awesome.

3. Abraham and Denise

Denise, while playing an important role in the show, isn’t that important in the comic, and is actually not shown that much. However, she switches the death scene with Abraham in the show by getting shot in the eye with Daryl’s crossbow. In the comic, it is Abraham who meets that gruesome end.

4. Daryl

Although it is overstated at this point, Daryl isn’t in the comics. In the comics, Dwight is the only character to have a crossbow, but in the show he steals it off of Daryl. Daryl is also added into the line of Negan’s batting candidates towards the end. It’s quite possible that Daryl will switch roles with a comic counterpart just like Denise did with Abraham. Could it have been Daryl that Negan silenced? We’ll have to find out in October.

5. Sophia

Way early on in season two, Sophia, the daughter of Carol, died and turned to become a walker in Herschel’s barn. However, Sophia is still alive in the comics, and is sort of Carl’s girlfriend. In a way, Enid takes Sophia’s place in the TV show. As in the comics, Sophia is adopted by Glenn and Maggie after Carol’s death, which in the same way is what is happening to Enid. In recent episodes, Glenn and Maggie have been showing Enid the way, and a lot of times her and Carl have been getting close to a romance.

Regardless of opinion on the season finale cliffhanger, all Walking Dead fans will be talking, debating and arguing over who met Negan’s bat. Who do you think it was?

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