The Roar

Doctor Spicer at the Senior Awards Ceremony posing with the Outstanding Boy of the year, Isaiah Turner.  She has been present at every school function she can possibly be at, in support of her students and faculty.

From Ms. to Doctor

by Lyn Cheely, Staff Writer
June 1, 2016
Justin Furstenfeld, lead singer of Blue October, during the Home Tour. 
The tour has already visited several states, and is coming to Austin on 5/25/16 at Stubb's.

Album Review: Home by Blue October

by Lyn Cheely, Staff Writer
May 12, 2016

National Poetry Month: Indifference

by Lyn Cheely, Staff Writer
April 7, 2016
A sign disallowing use of cigarettes, including electronic cigarettes, in a public area. These signs have been popping up more and more as vaping grows.

Vaping: Stop Doing It In School!

by Lyn Cheely, Staff Writer
April 7, 2016
Delectable Chinese Orange Chicken with orange rinds, bell peppers and onions. Served as a main dish after a soup or egg roll appetizer.

Restaurant Review: Hot Wok Cafe

by Lyn Cheely, Staff Writer
March 29, 2016
A verbal post listing suggestions for how to respect individuals who are introverted. It includes 
respecting their need for privacy, and summarizes letting them thrive under their own “circumstances”.

The struggles of an introverted student

by Lyn Cheely, Staff Writer
January 22, 2016
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