Dressing to Impress

v  By Kaitlin Hutson

   The 50’s rocked the poodle skirt, the 60’s dug tie dye, bell bottoms rang true in the 70’s, the 80’s picked shoulder pads, and plaid ruled the 90’s. What trends in fashion will be next? And more importantly, who are we wearing it for? And who is really impressed by the clothes we choose?

   Did Cleopatra expect Marc Antony to swoon because of her snake headdress? Undoubtedly, men noticed the plunging neckline Jennifer Lopez wore to an awards show. Sarah Jessica Parker maybe “fashion forward” in her mismatched outfits, it’s questionable who would appreciate it. It is unsure if men would be confused and intimidated by her tutus and bra exposure. Then again, maybe it’s just meant for the girls to stop and notice.

   It has become a subconscious part of a girl’s life to dress to impress, manifesting that she has more self-confidence and to show other girls that she has style. “I always feel that when I dress up, I have more self-confidence, I’m just overall happier,” said Lacey Groothoff, sophomore.

   Some girls even say that they shop at stores such as Hollister or Ambercrombie and Fitch to indicate that they have money, knowing that those stores get pretty expensive. “It drives me crazy to see girls that wear Hollister and Ambercrombie because all that they are doing is showing off that they have money by wearing the name of the store on their shirt,” said Rachael Owen, freshman.

   Over the years, girls have tried to get a guy’s attention by the way they dress, but have guys really noticed? Sophomore, Kyle Denny said, “As long as she looks nice, it’s all right with me.”

   Most guys really don’t notice what girls have on. Then again, there are those guys here and there who do care about what a girl has on. “You know, first impressions are everything to me,” said Jeffery Nortey, junior.  “So, yeah I do tend to notice what a girl has on; it shows how well she takes care of herself.”

   From attracting a guy’s attention to showing off style in front of friends, girls are always going to dress to impress.  So ladies, next time you’re thinking about impressing that crush of yours or trying to “out-dress” another girl, think about who really cares and why you are dressing up in the first place.