Hard Work Pays Off for Annette Giron

Senior first in district to win TSATA Athletic Trainer Award


Emary Greene

Senior Annette Giron plans to go to school for nursing in the fall.

by Emary Greene, Staff Writer

School has become such a competitive atmosphere with the pressure to perform well in advanced placement classes while also taking a part of extracurriculars like sports or band. But the time has come that all of these years of hard work pay off in the form of scholarships and other various rewards. For senior Annette Giron, her four years working as an athletic trainer has earned her an award she could never imagined.

“I received the Texas State Athletic Trainers’ Association (TSATA) Academic Achievement Award,” Giron said. “I am the first student trainer in LISD to receive this award.”

Giron has been a proud Leander Lion all four years of her high school career. As a freshman, she became a part of the athletic trainers program and hasn’t let go of that part of her life as a senior.

Being a part of the program has taught Giron many life lessons over the past four years. She is also a part of the International Baccalaureate Program, or the IB Program, which  entails a rigorous workload.

“One of the things that being a student athletic trainer taught me was time management,” Giron said. “I learned to balance my time between school work and my responsibility as a trainer. I’d like to say that being an athletic trainer pushed me to work and study harder because sometimes it does get overwhelming.”

We congratulate Giron for her achievements. Although she has already received the TSATA Academic Achievement Award, a scholarship is, unfortunately, not attached.

“There is a separate scholarship I have to apply to for senior athletic trainers,” Giron said. “I hope I get it!”

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