SNHS participates in student forum


Sr. De Hoyos

The Spanish National Honor Society posing with a Buc-ee’s statue.

by Shilo Criswell, Staff Writer

This past weekend, the Spanish National Honor Society, along with Sr. De Hoyos and Sra. Villalon, traveled to San Antonio to participate at the Pan American Student forum. Friday through Sunday, the students participated in various workshops.

“I did the friendship bracelet and rain stick workshops,” junior Dakota Gonzales said. “It was just a lot of fun to goof around with everyone. It was like being in kindergarten with arts and crafts. My rain stick turned out to look really messy but it sounded like rain.”

All of the participants took tests over grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing, as well. Sophomore Liberty Stewart got second place in in a 100 question reading composition test.

“I was in the regular category,” Stewart said. “There were about 1600 students there and about 1/3 of them were in that category.”

With time to spare throughout the weekend, the group had a multiple chances to visit the Riverwalk.

“We went into different shops like chocolate, glass figurine and souvenir shops and we also got snow cones,” junior Samantha Galloway said. “I loved the aspect of bringing different cultures together there.”

The group ended with a trip to Six Flags on Sunday to celebrate their weekend accomplishments..

“I got to sell six left over tickets,” Galloway said. “It was fun bargaining with the people outside the park.”