The final chapter


Gigi Allen

A student reading “The Book theif” by Markus Zusak. This will be the book discussed at the last meeting.

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

The book club read the Book Thief as their final novel for the school year. They will be having the meeting on the 18th to discuss the book. The early end is due to preparations for the next year with AP tests, the SAT and no time to discuss before the end of school.

“I believe this final meeting will be a big get together,” senior Melissa Kelly said. “A get together with food and love.”

The new officers for the club will be chosen next year at the beginning of the new school semester. Junior Nicole Gilbert is running for election for an officer position.

“I will be running but I don’t know which position,” junior Nicole Gilbert said. “Basically if you want to have an officer position, you raise your hand and present to the class why you would be a good candidate for that position. Then they take a vote, anonymous, and in the end you find out who won. I am really sad that book club is ending this year because I got to know everyone. Text about events in the book, ‘oh did you see this part’ and ‘oh I can’t believe they did that!’. When I joined this club I didn’t know I would like it but I ended up liking it. It brings people together who love books.”

Kelly explained that current officers who will be moving on next year, are going to enjoy this last meeting with their fellow book lovers. They appreciate what book club has done for them.

“My favorite thing about book club this year has been the sense of companionship,” Kelly said. “I saw [a member] in the hallway and we just started talking about book club together. In the library I see some members and we just talk about what we are reading, if ‘oh should I read that’ and things like that. It has really gotten me back to reading. I read a book a week now.”

The club will be getting together for their final movie watching session on the 19th. The club meeting will be in Mrs. Bjerkes room.

“The meetings this year have been scattered,” junior Jasmine Dorsey said. “But they have also been really cool because we come together, see other, new, people who also like books. We get to hear people’s point of views on books we like. It’s cool we weren’t friends when we started out and now we are.”