Reactivating the GSA Club requires planning, preparation

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

Last year the GSA club was created by senior Alec Nieusma. This year the club is no longer active.

The GSA club is an organization that promotes a Gay Straight Alliance. It is not exclusive for just gay or lesbian students but also encourages any student of any sexuality or gender identification to attend.

Nieusma graduated last year after attempting with a friend to start the club with two teacher sponsors.

The seniors, though, did not plan a meeting time throughout the year. Not a single meeting was held leading to the club becoming inactive.

APs today state that there are no flyers or announcements to try and promote the club, leading everyone to believe it has been disbanded.

If a student wishes to reinstate the GSA club, contact Mrs. Meyer and follow through with all the paperwork and forms. Two teacher sponsors for the club are acquired. Students must plan ahead with a schedule so the club does not become inactive.