Lady Lions end their season against the Rangers

Varsity sweeps Vista Ridge

Three of the Varsity member during a circle. The girl’s have to keep their focus up while playing and for the directions given to them by coach A.

Volleyball played their final game against Vista Ridge Tuesday night, October 27. The girls .

Varsity won against Vista Ridge with a sweep going into overtime in the third set. The ending score was 3-0 putting their record for the year at 14 wins and 32 losses. The first set coming out to 25-20, the second set 25-22 and the third set 26-24.

“You have to be mentally tough to go through all four years of the Leander program,” senior Callie Reed said. “Especially volleyball because coach A is tough and champions course is required. Seeing these faces five days a week and sometimes during the weekend, to not
at all. It’s gonna be weird.”

JV lost to the Rangers with an ending score of 2-0.  The first set came out to 16-25 and the second 17-25. This set their record for the season at 10 wins and 20 losses.

“Although our record wasn’t what we wanted, I feel that we all have grown,” sophomore Mikaela Noe said. “Not only as a family, but also individually and are excited for the next season to come.”