Volleyball gets scratched by the Lady Tigers

Lady Lions suffer a loss to Dripping Springs


Austin Graham

The Lady Lions varsity team before a game. While the team is composed of seniors, juniors and sophomores, they consider themselves a family.

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor

Volleyball went head to head against Dripping Springs on Tuesday, October 6. All four teams came out with a loss.

The Varsity team was swept by the Lady Tigers. Their scores 20 and above in the first and third sets, but not in the second. The final score was 3-0 with the score of the first set coming out to 21-25, second 10-25, and the third 20-25.

“With those girls being so tall and many of them with offers to D1 schools, we did lose,” varsity player senior Sierra Stevenson said. “However, we fought hard and were able to stay in a close point range with them for most of the game.”

The JV team kept their scores close to Dripping Springs in the first, but fell short in the second with the final score being 2-0. The first set was 21-25 and the second 14-25. The Freshman A team lost 2-0 against the Lady Tigers. The first set was 13-25, and the second 15-25.  

“I think we definitely didn’t play as well and strong as we should of and usually do,” freshman A team player Hannah Bode said. “We struggled defensively and had a hard time staying positive throughout the whole match.”

The Freshman B team took Dripping Springs into overtime in the second set, but were defeated. The final score was 2-0. The score of the first set was 12-25 and the second 24-26.

“We did our best and fought hard,” freshman B team player Haven Crawford said. “It was a close game and I think we could’ve won. We’ll beat them next time.”

The Lady Lions next game will take place tomorrow night, October 9. The girls will be taking on Cedar Park away at 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.