C-Squared: Three Years of Making a Difference

by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

 On October 19th, C2 hosted a district wide Fall Forum which included a total of nine middle and high schools, and the sponsors from some elementary schools attended as well. There were a total of 294 students.

During the forum, the students were moved by a video directed by Terry Ballard, junior; videography by Gerardo Guerra, senior and produced by Katelyn Moquett, senior. The video includes footage from C2’s Fall Forum in 2011, graduated members Hailey Stevenson and Greg Flores, and interviews from Samuel Lightsey, sophomore; Nicole McDaniel, junior; Katelyn Moquett; Terry Ballard; Nicole Barnes, sophomore; Ashley Williams, junior; Hailey Stevenson; and Selena Bazemore, senior.

“It was an agonizing process, but it always turns out fairly well,” Ballard said. “I was pretty pleased with it.”

 The video touched the hearts of many of the members, and even the sponsors.