Band hosts community pet clinic

Band raises money through community pet vaccination clinic


Jack Densmore

A customer with her puppy. Pets of all ages showed up to get their shots.

As a fundraiser and community service project, the Leander band hosts a pet vaccination clinic multiple times throughout the year. The clinic was run by a few band directors, and some band volunteers, and was helped by the Austin Avenue Animal Hospital.

On August 3rd, the band held their pet clinic again at the front of the main entrance to the school.

“I love to come out and support all of our different organizations and groups,” assistant principal Tom Robbins said. “So to be able to kill two birds with one stone, get my dog vaccinated and be able to support the band is awesome.”

A band volunteer said that the clinic did really well at the end of the day. There was a wide variety of different dogs, from large to small. Due to the hot weather, water bowls were set out for the pets, and people were offered bottled water. Despite the weather conditions many people still showed up for vaccinations, and to support the band program.

“My dog’s name is Jack,” Robbins said. “He’s going to get the whole package. He’s going to get all the shots that they have.”


The clinic offered vaccinations that ranged from rabies to kennel cough, and also cat vaccines such as PRCC.

“It not only helps out the band, but it takes care of people who can’t get to the vet during their hours,” parent volunteer Michelle Lindsay said. “It gives easy care for any kind of animal. Whether it’s boarding shots to protect them against kennel cough or rabies, and just the normal vaccines that are required, they can’t get to the vet to get them, it makes it convenient.”

For more updates on the band program, follow them on their facebook page.