Newest Twitter Trend: “Starter Packs”

Starter packs are the latest trend on Twitter

by Laynie Duplantis, Staff Writer

There’s a new, humorous trend on Twitter known as “starter packs.” A starter pack is a collection of pictures of a certain person or stereotype stating that whatever the images are, that’s what you “need” to be that type of person/stereotype. There’s an account on Twitter that have starter packs for LHS students and teachers.

Some “starter packs” include:

They’ve recently started dying down a bit on Twitter, but they’re still in people’s news feed every now and again. The intention for these “starter packs” is to be funny, but there have been some people who get offended and either block or report whichever account posted that starter pack. Since it’s just another fad on Twitter, it’ll die out completely eventually, but they’re still very entertaining.