Five shows, two nights

Seniors direct their own shows, perform for community

Austin Graham

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Austin Graham

Senior directors Annika Lowe and Mathilde Le Tacon. They are directing 10 Things I Hate About You together.

The Advanced Productions class has been working on their senior directed plays for the past month. The shows are in their final stages and open tonight. They will began at 6 and be performed in the little theater. Tickets will be $5 for all three shows.

“You get this cast that you have picked out yourself and get to see them grow and take on this show,” senior Mathilde Le Tacon said. “It’s really cool because senior directed is a chance for people who might not be as heavily involved in one act, or musical, or get lead roles very often. It gives them a chance to stand out and make their own way in theatre and show the directors what they’re made of.”

The shows performing tonight will be These Shining Lives directed by Lynley Eilers. Following that will be Ten Things I Hate About You directed by Annika Lowe and Mathilde Le Tacon. Wrapping up for the night will be Independence directed by Olivia Baker.

Senior directed was very enlightening in the fact that you get to see what directing is all about.

— Brigham Dunford

“Senior directed was very enlightening in the fact that you get to see what directing is all about,” senior Brigham Dunford said. “It’s very eye opening to see what our directors have had to go through with their productions. If I had to do it again, I would because it was one of the best time periods of my life.”

Thursday night’s performance will be at the same time, place and price. The shows performing will be Eurydice directed by Tristen Banuelos and Emilee Earthman. The other show performing will be The Importance of Being Earnest directed by Hunter Jones and Brigham Dunford.

“I’ve been thinking about doing senior directed since I was a freshman when I saw the show Independence and i thought ‘I want to direct this show,’ “ senior Olivia Baker said. “Now that I’m doing it, I really wanted to focus on character, because there are only four girls in my cast. It’s kind’ve weirds to be on the other side of things.”