Kissing the class of 2016 goodbye

HOSA begins annual fundraiser

Austin Graham

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Austin Graham

HOSA students at their table selling the notes. They have sold over 200 so far.

HOSA has started their fundraiser, “Kiss A Senior Goodbye.” Students can pay 50 cents to have a note and a Hershey’s kiss which the seniors will receive in their bag for graduation practice. They are being sold at both lunches.

“It was a tradition at Mrs.Hall’s [HOSA adviser] old school in East Texas,” junior Sophia Merchant said. “It’s for a good cause and every senior gets one, so it makes them feel special.”

The group has sold over 200 notes so far, with more to come. The money is going to be for the group and will be used to pay for a student to go to nationals if they make it.

“I think it’s pretty cool because you get to send a farewell to the seniors that you like before they go into the real world and have to experience life without a safety net,” junior Shannon Henderson said. “It’s a good pat on the back, good luck and I’m going to miss you.”