The confusing thing called humanity


Austin Graham

A beautiful representation of the kind side of humanity.

Blood being pumped through the veins. Heart pounding every second of every day. Brain waves circuiting through the body from the top to the bottom telling us what to do.

The human body is one of the most intricate inventions on this planet. It’s made up of so many elements, so many systems and so many particles. It’s the only thing that cares about us more than we do.

Yet we fill our bodies with cigarette smoke while tobacco companies fill their pockets with our money. We fill our body with Big Macs while McDonald’s sits on their piles of cash. We spend our paychecks on bottles of liquor only for them to poison our livers and depress our brains.

We tell the people we love that we hate them and vise versa. We destroy relationship after relationship out of selfishness. We decide to hate entire groups of people because they are different.

Yet we fills our bodies with positive reinforcement by exercise and healthy diets. We fill our world with love by coming together as a race. We spend our paychecks on donations to the poor and the hungry.

We tell the people who need it that they’re worth it. We destroy racism and sexism because we know that they’re wrong. We decide to help victims of natural disasters and terrorism because they are stripped of their homes and unalienable rights.

We are humanity.