The power of motivation



Many look at life as a road or path. Motivation is what gets you to your destination.

Motivation drives everyone. Every person that walks this Earth has a motivation to continue towards his/her goals.

Many have motivation hidden within them. It may not be there right in front of them, but it’s there. They just need the push to find it. Motivation can be found in a video, a movie, TV show, video game, or motivation can even be found on its own. People are more powerful than they seem. Motivation drives people to achieve the impossible, to climb mountains, and to defy those that defy them. It’s the thing that takes the smallest person on the team and makes them the biggest star. It’s the ┬áthing that makes the most nervous person stand up and give a speech to thousands of people. It’s the thing that drove people like Martin Luther King Jr., and Gandhi to change the world. Everyday people make goals, but it’s motivation that actually brings the goals to life. Everyone can say that want to be a star quarterback, or create a new medicine, but without the motivation to do those things those goals never come to life.

Sometimes motivation can be in achieving small goals. A person may need motivation to take a test, or train for their next big game. Sometimes motivation can be in achieving huge goals. People may need motivation to go cliff diving, or present the next big thing. ┬áSometimes, people need other to give them inspiration and motivation. Icons and personal heroes give others motivation through their success. This also works vice versa as the icons and personal heroes may need motivation from their supporters or fans. Everybody can help each other strive for success, and everyone can held each other find motivation. Nobody should shoot down a person’s goal, because all goals no matter how big or small are important.