Top 10 national holidays in October

Ten holidays to celebrate during the month


Juushika Redgrave via Flickr CC

National Candy Corn Day is the day before Halloween, October 30. #NationalCandyCornDay is often a trend on social media during that day.

There’s a national holiday for every day of the year, but this is a list of the top 10 in the month of October.

Do Something Nice Day

It’s always good to do something nice for someone. Whether it’s just saying hi, or giving them a hug, anything can work. People sometimes love gifts or just to have a friend.

Bald and Free Day

Bald and Free Day honors people without hair. What’s great about this holiday is that anyone can celebrate it, not just bald people. People with a bald spouse, or a bald friend can celebrate with them.

Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

Teddy bears are awesome. What is more awesome is on this day anyone can take them to work. Well, depending on what rules the companies have.

National Dessert Day

There’s no way anyone can not be happy about this day. It’s desserts. They’re delicious and not often nutritious, but man they are great to have, especially ice cream.

Evaluate Your Life Day

Everyone needs to have a time to evaluate their life, and this day is that day. This day lets people evaluate their problems and find solutions. It can hopefully lead to happier people!

National Frankenstein Day

IT’S ALIVE! Not really, but it is a national holiday. Frankenstein is a widely known tale, about a scientist that resurrects someone back to life.

National Candy Corn Day

It’s orange, it’s yellow and it’s white, can you guess it? It’s Candy Corn! Candy Corn is one of the most common and delicious Halloween candies out there, so make sure to get your fill of sugar on this national holiday.

Carve a Pumpkin Day

Help light up your day on this national holiday by carving out some pumpkins into spooky and spunky jack-o-lanterns. All it take is some sharp objects, candles and getting your hands a little messy.

National Frappe Day

Get caffeinated on this national holiday by making a quick stop at Starbucks and any of your favorite coffee shops to get an ice cold frappe.

Come and Take It Day

This day leans more to history than any of the others. It commemorates the first shot of the Texas Revolution, it’s probably more celebrated here than anywhere else.