Top 10 pumpkin flavored foods


browniesfordinner via Flickr CC

Pumpkin pie is often one of the first things people think of when you hear the word pumpkin. It’s usually eaten around the time of Thanksgiving.

It’s fall, and everyone knows what that means, pumpkins! Fall’s little (or big) mascot. Here are just 10 foods you can make with pumpkins that are delicious and nutritious.

10. Pumpkin Muffins – Many people love muffins, but what can make them even better is if there is pumpkin in them. It’s a great way to be celebrate the fall season as you can still eat your muffins, just with a little pumpkin flavor.

9. Pumpkin Cupcakes – Cupcakes are usually found at birthday parties, and other celebrations, but a good way to help keep those parties in a fall theme is pumpkin cupcakes! Now, your party will stay current to the season.

8. Pumpkin Oatmeal – Oatmeal is one of the greatest breakfast items ever. What makes it better, is you can make pumpkin oatmeal. It’s pretty much a match made in heaven.

7. Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls – Personally, I’m not a fan of cinnamon, but I know that many people are. So, to spice up your cinnamon rolls, add some pumpkin to them!

6. Pumpkin Smoothie – Not necessarily considered foods, smoothies are pretty delicious, and it’s always nice to have different flavors including pumpkin.

5. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds – When you’re carving your pumpkin for Halloween, don’t throw away the seeds. Instead, roast them! Then, add some salt to those bad boys and there you go! You have a nice treat.

4. Cheesecake – Cheesecake is always delicious, but you can also add pumpkin to it. Well, you can pretty much add pumpkin to everything, but hey, pumpkin cheesecake sounds pretty good.

3. Pecan Pumpkin Crunch – Just think of pecan pie mixed with pumpkin and boom. An explosion of tasty pumpkin and pecan in your mouth. It’s one way to change things up.

2. Pumpkin Soup – Cold outside? Eat some pumpkin soup! It’s basically chicken soup, but instead pumpkins! If it’s barely 40 degrees outside in Texas weather it could go for a tasty treat.

1. Pumpkin Pie – The king of pumpkin treats, pumpkin pie. It’s always at Thanksgiving, and it’s everywhere, and it’s delicious and everyone should eat it. Sorry, I got kind of lost in my over excitement of pumpkin pie. It’s that good.