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Man’s best friend may be more than what comes to mind

Austin Graham

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Austin Graham

A man on the beach with his golden retriever Gracie. He owns two golden retrievers and loves them both dearly, the pictured one being 5 and the other 15.

Dogs have been on man’s side for as long as man has existed. Dogs can be best friends, protectors, hunters, therapists and so much more. Around 78 million dogs were domesticated animals in the United States in 2012.

According to, a non-profit guide to mental health and wellbeing, “dogs in particular can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your cardiovascular health.” If someone is struggling with any of these issues, a dog can really help them, unlike other pets and methods. Also for people with blindness, mental disabilities and PTSD, the dog can guide them and protect them from potential issues.

Dogs can also be more helpful than doctors. They can smell certain cancers like breast and lung. This can literally save people’s lives and they can detect it at stage zero, before most modern technology could.

When dog and man first began to work together, man provided shelter and food for dog. In turn dogs protected and provided for man. This is how they began to detect cancer by trying to protect the humans from potential danger. They also helped find crops and keep predators away. Some biologists have said that humans may not have survived past or developed to the stage they have without the help of canines.

Dogs are truly some of the best living creatures on this planet. They can give unconditional love, something many humans are incapable of. They can protect, serve and help us. Dogs deserve more respect than what they are given and should be loved as equally as they love.