Movie Review: Jurassic World



Jurassic World has earned $1 billion worldwide.

The sequel to Jurassic Park, Jurassic World opened in the box office with record-breaking numbers.

Firstly, the story was fantastic. There was a lot of elements that related back to the first movie. The story focused mostly on this new genetically designed hybrid dinosaur called the Indominous Rex. The film’s center is mostly on a strict set of characters such as Owen Grady, played by Chris Pratt. Most of the characters were really well developed, and had many great scenes during the film. Of course with any movie there were a few scenes that didn’t quite fit, but these scenes didn’t take away from the rest of the film. Probably the best part of the film was the final act, which everyone should see.

The effects looked okay, but were great in certain shots especially during close ups. There could have been more practical effects in the movie, but overall it doesn’t ruin the viewing experience. The opening scene could have easily been practical effects for example, however there were plenty of scenes where only CGI could make them possible.

The dinosaurs themselves were awesome as always. We got to see raptors, the T-Rex and much more. Each had a unique scene in the movie, and almost all of them played in some part of the movie, which was nice to see. The raptor whispering by Owen Grady was actually done pretty well also. It added a really cool factor to the raptors, and didn’t make them the bad guys for once.

All in all the film brought back many nostalgic memories of childhood, when dinosaurs were everything. The movie doesn’t disappoint. There are lots of dinosaurs, action was great, characters were fantastic, and the story was entertaining. Plus this movie gets a few bonus points for making me feel like a kid again. Jurassic World gets a 10/10, and is definitely a must see.