Resturant Review: Carl’s Jr.


by Kaylee Cisna, Staff Writer

If you are looking for an awesome and cheap fast food place, Carl’s Jr. is where it’s at. They have great burgers and from personal experience, great service. Carl’s Jr. is set up to be a comfortable place for all ages with T.V.s and an overall sanitary place.

They are convenient with little pockets that are placed around your burger to help prevent from too much mess. The burgers are warm, fresh, and cheap!

One of my all-time favorites is the $6 Western Cheeseburger. You can not go wrong with that. It is stuffed with bacon, Bar-B-Q sauce, cheese, and two fried onion rings and it is probably one of the best fast food burgers that I have ever had because it wasn’t too greasy but just right.

The patty was a little darker on the edge. Though they do overcook the meat a little more than I thought they would, I would take it anyday.

The fries are really delicious as well, or should I say, the fresh-cut fries. I would recommend this resturant to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy, but good eat. I would give this resturant a four out of five star rating and if you have not tried it yet, there are tons of great burgers to choose from.