TV Show Review: Fuller House

The loved TV show has returned

Austin Graham

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Via Flickr CC Erik Söderström

Houses on the streets of San Francisco where the show takes place. The yellow house is the ‘Full House’ house.

If these lyrics, “Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there’s a heart…” bring up memories, then Full House is probably a familiar show. The producers of the show teamed up with Netflix to create a 3.5/5 sequel: Fuller House.

The show has all of the same characters on it, including the beloved golden retriever Comet and his puppies, and with new ones as well. The only character missing is Michelle, which is clearly pointed out in the first episode by a heavy amount of shade being thrown by the whole cast. Now, the only ones living in the house are D.J. as a single mother with her three sons, Stephanie and Kimmy with her daughter Ramona, sounds familiar right?

The show is almost the same, which is kind’ve a let down, but fully expected and still appreciated. It’s the same cheese, humor and heartwarming stories as seen before. In the first episode, there is a beautiful scene where Danny, Joey, Jesse, D.J and Stephanie all sing the Flintstones to the new baby in the house alongside a scene of them singing the same song from the original show.

Another comical thing is D.J’s husband has the last name Fuller, so all three of her children carry that last name, which happens to be the name of the show. By age from oldest to youngest, her kids are Jackson Fuller, Max Fuller and Tommy Fuller Jr. The child star that plays Max is Elias Harger. He is one of the funniest characters in the show, basically a smaller version of his grandpa Danny. A little Bob Saget.

The show is not anything special which is why it doesn’t earn a four. For anyone who has seen Full House, Fuller House  is nothing new. However, it does bring nostalgia to those viewers and is a fun show to watch for someone who is in a show hole or in between show binges.