Head to head with East View

Lady Lions play two games against East View earning them 3rd in district


Jack Densmore

Senior Gigi Martinez dribbling down the court against East View. Martinez and senior Rayanna Carter scored a total of 24 points.

After two games against one team, the Lady Lions have secured their place as third in the district. The first game against Eastview ended in a score of 40-38 earning the team a second chance on Friday night. The Lady Lions won the game 45-41.

“We executed well on the offensive end and we played smart throughout the whole game,” Senior Rayanna Carter said. “We also played great defense we were just all over the place making it hard for them to run an offense.”

In the first game against East View the first half was ended with a score of 14 for the Lady Lions. The second half the Lady Lions scored a total of 24 points but it wasn’t enough to make it a win.

“We went in there knowing we were the best team,” senior Kylie Douglas said. “We walked in believing that, but we forgot to prove that we were the better team. We let them punch first and we just had a back and forth game the whole time and then lost it at the end.”

Seniors Carter and Izaila Martinez scored 25 and 4 points against the Patriots. Sophomore Kassadie Sanders scored 3 points and junior Alicia Molina made 6 points.

“The second game we came out ready to show East View that they are not as good as us,” Douglas said. “They haven’t trained or pushed themselves the way we have for the last 7 months. We came out ready to go. We punched first and we played as a team.”

By the end of the first half of the second game the Lady Lions had made 26 points. In the second half, the team made 19 points. Carter and Martinez made a combined score of 24 points. Sanders scored 12 points and senior Andrea Mateo made 3 points.

“I’ve learned that you can’t really worry about what the score is in a game,” Carter said. “Other teams are gonna go on runs you just have to stay relaxed and play through it, you have to keep going no matter what because the game isn’t over until the buzzer sounds and anything can happen.”

The next game the Girls’ have will be in Bastrop against the Bastrop Bears. It starts at 7:30 p.m today.