Seniors sent off with a win

Lady Lions beat Marble Falls 57-43


Jack Densmore

All of the girls’ basketball teams lined up after the game for the school song. Varsity has already clinched the playoffs and will begin their playoff run next week.

After wins against Vandegrift 50-48 and Cedar Park 41-38, the Lady Lions defeated Marble Falls. For the seniors, it was their last game in the gym of Leander High School.

“The game meant so much to me because it was the last time I would ever play in Leander High School,” senior Izaila Martinez said. “I wanted to show what I could do and support my team the best way I could. I wanted to beat them for the crowd, the coaches, my family and friends, teammates etc. especially for Brooke Wells. I’ll miss playing with the girls. Leander High School has built me into the person I am today. That game just reminded me where I have fought for four years, where I work hard at and gave my all. Literally my blood, sweat and tears go into that gym.”

The first half ended in a score of 34 points and the second half in 23 points. Rayanna Carter has made a total of 1,000 points for the basketball team, not including the 19 that she scored against Marble Falls. Martinez scored eight points, sophomore Kassadie Sanders scored 17 and junior Alicia Molina scored five points. Seniors Kylie Douglas, Vivica Lawton and Andrea Mateo and sophomore Morgan Worthy all made two points each against Marble Falls. 

That game just reminded me where I have fought for four years, where I work hard at and gave my all. Literally my blood, sweat and tears go into that gym.

— Izaila Martinez

“We couldn’t wait to play them again, I feel like we had to deal with being composed,” Martinez said. “Not letting the issue get in the way to where we would make silly mistakes and cause us to lose the game or make the game interesting.”

The last time the Lady Lions played Marble Falls senior Brooke Wells was hit in the head by one of the players, giving her a concussion. Due to previous head injuries, Wells had to retire from basketball.

“To me and my coach, ending my career and the season like that was not satisfying, so she gave me the opportunity to have one last shot as a player, and on my home court,” Wells said. “It was bittersweet having everyone from both teams cheer for me. I was happy that I got to take my final shot, but also knowing it would be my last made it hard.”

At the end of the game, all members of the team got in a line as the school song was played to honor them.

“We thought it would be a somewhat challenging game, not because the opposing team was better but because of how emotional the night was intended to be,” sophomore Kassadie Sanders said. “Senior night is a special night to wish our seniors a good life post high school season. Personally, I am a really emotional person, as well as many other players on the team, but every last one of us put in work and pulled out the win to add a W to our district record, 8-5.”
At 7:30 p.m. the girls will play at East View. Playoffs will begin next week.