Communication is key

Women’s varsity soccer take losses from both East View and Vista Ridge


Dylan Hanna

Freshmen outside middle Claire Imig preparing to take control of the ball for the Lions. The Lady Lions would later lose to the Rangers with a score of 0-2.

The Lady Lions traveled to East View to go against the East View patriots and after coming from a previous victory against the Marble Falls Mustangs, the final score had been 2-3, Patriots slipping by with a win.

“The second half was more exciting all 5 goals came in,” Head women’s varsity Coach Ronny Michael said. “I felt we took control of the second half and then after our second goal stopped playing our game and started to panic a little and got into a running clear the ball game with them in the last 15 minutes. I feel very strongly that if we played our game thought we would have won.”

The first half of the game was a bit tame as described by Coach Michael seeing as no scores were made and the Lady Lions had built up their energy towards the second half.

“We played a really good passing game and need to play that way consistently,” senior goalie Emily Luker said. ”We stuck together as a team and really flow well together and East View is always a good competitor and we are always excited to take them on.”

Going into the second half, Leander took control as illustrated by Coach Michael. Both goals made on the Lions side were earned by junior sweeper Kyah Carlsen as defense covered the field and took the Patriots speed . However, the game fell short after the second goal and the Lady Lions lost by a score of 2-3, Patriots taking the win.

“If we would of won it would’ve given us more confidence,” Coach MIchael said. “I think we came away with some confidence anyway. But losing did take us out of fourth place, now we just have to work harder and play better the second half of the season.”

The Lady Lions stayed home to go against the Vista Ridge Rangers and while defense had held off the Rangers for most of the game, the Lions lost to a score of 0-2.

“We were able to hold them to a close game,” junior holding middle TJ Barrett said. “I’m very proud of the way we never backed down and continued to try our hardest.”

While the Lady Lions had made no scores that night and the Rangers had taken the win, the Lions had stayed together as a team and communicated in order to prevent the Rangers from scoring anything more than two throughout the game.

“If I could go back and change anything it would be the moment we let on the first goal because that’s when they gained confidence,” Barrett said. “I will say it was just a really good shot and there wasn’t much we could’ve done after she got the ball. I think we learned that we are good enough to play against higher level teams if we believe in our style and ourselves.”

After going against Dripping Springs last Tuesday, the team will play against the Georgetown Eagles on February 19th at Georgetown starting at 7p.m.