Fight To The Finish

The Lady Lion soccer team plans for the rest of the season

  The Lady Lions soccer team’s season is more than halfway through and they have battled it out with the other teams within the district. The girls were victorious against the Lady Mustangs from Marble Falls their first win of the season.

  Senior captains Cynthia Roman and Elizabeth Montalvo say that in order to get to the playoffs the girls will need to perform a miracle.

  “We have a slight possibility of getting to playoffs,” Montalvo said. “We will need to win the rest of our games.”

   The girls view Vandegrift as their toughest competitor. The Lady Vipers are currently undefeated and number one in the district. However, the contrast of Leander team dynamic will help them focus and play to win against any and every opponent.

  “We have a good group of freshman and have a really close bond,” Montalvo said.“Whenever we get a good passing game going, the other team can’t get the ball from us.”

Being a part of the soccer team isn’t all fun and games. These girls have to make time for their studies as well.

  “It’s a lot harder this year than past years,” junior Bekka Spry said. “We have late starting games and that means we get home late. It’s sometimes hard to get all of my homework done.

 Even though it’ll be tough, the girls have grown as a collective and hope to have a great close to the season.

The Lady Lions will face off against their rivals, the Lady Raiders tonight, February 28, at 7 p.m. at the Rouse stadium.