Golf faces two losses

Team looks to improve


Tyler Jones

A golf player putting a ball. They would not qualify for either of the tournaments

by Garrett Gage, Staff Writer

The Boys and Girls golf teams participated in two recent tournaments, one on October 7 at the Terravista Golf Course and the other on the 13th at the Delaware Springs golf course, but did not qualify for rankings in either. Sophomore Ryan Matthys hit an 80 in the first tournament and a 97 in his second tournament.

“The first tournament I didn’t play well, and the second game I did [well].” Matthys said.

Even with the hesitation, he didn’t think twice on his favorite golf course for those tournaments.

“Delaware Springs [is my favorite].” Matthys said. “I like the course. It’s really pretty and easy to play.”

Sophomore Sabrina Staffin hit a 105 at Terravista and at Delaware Springs the following week she hit a 104. 

I know I could play better.

— Sabrina Staffin

“[When we practice for tournaments] we go to the driving range and we put on the putting green,” Staffin said.

With both the practice and the tournaments finished, Staffin was satisfied with some aspects of how her plays went.

“I know I could play better,” Staffin said. “[I need to improve] my putting game. I would three putt instead of two putt.”

The team will be participating in two more tournaments, one on next Wednesday, October 28, and the other next Thursday, October 29, both at Cottonwood Cove starting at 9:00 a.m.