Golf: great sport for life

v  By Kayla Smith

   In his spare time, aside from golf, golf and more golf, Marvin Leyba is exactly like every other teenager his age. He hangs out with friends, watches movie, and plays sports. He is also captain of the LHS boys’ golf team.

Leyba learned to play golf at age 11 and loved it almost at once. “My step-dad was a big advocate of sports,” Leyba, senior, said, “He realized golf could be learned at an early age, so he taught me.”

   Lebya loves to challenge other and be challenged himself.  Being the only left-handed member of the team, he sees no real challenge in golf except extending his abilities. But he admits that is can be a drawback.

   “I’m the only left-handed golfer on the team,” he noted. “And although being left- or right-handed makes no difference, I only wish that I wasn’t the only left-handed golfer, so I that can compare my game and abilities with other players.”

   Leyba’s love of golf will continue as a lifetime sport, but has no plans to play college golf. “Unfortunately, I don’t believe my golf abilities are college ready, but I still plan on going to college somewhere in the Texas region,” he said.

   “I don’t consider golf as work or something I have to do; it’s an honor to be on the golf team and a great opportunity to take advantage of,” Lebya said as he explains his passion for the sport.

   Golf may not seem quite as appealing to many high school students; however, Leyba has high hopes that the girls’ golf team will eventually grow as large as the boys’ team has this year. He encourages people to try new things so that they may find something to love as much as he enjoys golf.