Lion of the Week

By: Cody Zivley

Glen Crawford has been a part of the Leander High school baseball team for four years, contributing leadership and a great desire to win.

Now in his senior year he has many plans for his future, but what about his baseball career?

Q:  For how long have you been playing baseball?

A:  Around thirteen years.

Q:  Who do you consider to be your biggest supporter?

A:  Both my parents and my little brother have supported me the most.

Q:  Do you plan on continuing your baseball career after high school?

A:  Yeah, either at Concordia or Texas State.

Q:  What quality do you believe you contribute to the team?

A:  Leadership

Q:  Do you play club baseball?

A:  Yeah, for a team called the “Austin Slam”.

Q:  Who are you most thankful to your being here right now?

A:  My mom and dad.

Q:  Why?

A:  They pushed me to do my best and work hard.