Swim team defeats Stony Point, loses to Cedar Park

The tri-meet against Stoney Point and Cedar Park ends with mixed results


Natalie Ditsler

Swimmer swims Butterfly. The next meet against Rouse will be on October 10th.

The Boys’ and Girls’ swim teams are now at four wins and one loss each. Last Saturday, the swimmers raced against Cedar Park and Stony Point, defeating Stony Point but just losing to Cedar Park.

“Cedar Park was a tough competitor,” Coach Sully said. “They seem to have three or four people placing really high in each meet. We’re gonna continue training hard and eventually be at that level. The boys got very close. We got within 26 points which is like three touches and we had two relays where we were just out touched. That’s like a 10 point swing each time so it’s tough to lose that way but I think we did our best and I’m proud of our effort.”

Sully believes though that there are some things to take away from the meet.

“The good thing about having them at a tri-meet is that we’ve seen them already now and we know that we’re going to get to swim against them at invitationals, district and regionals,” Sully said. “And state, if we go that far so this is good reconnaissance so to speak.”

First place finishers for single event were junior Tanner Hartwick, sophomore Matthew Whieldon and sophomore Leon Ward.

“I thought we swam well against them but I think there’s room for improvement,” Sully said. “It was a reality check really. There are some great teams in our district and it’s good to know where Cedar Park is at this time of year. Stony Point is a 6A team, they’re a Round Rock team, they’re not going to be in our district, regional or state meet but we were still able to overcome them so I’m happy with that result.”

“I thought we swam well against them but I think there’s room for improvement,”

— Coach Sully

Junior Tanja Milanovic collected double wins in Girls’ 200 IM and 500 Free.

“I personally worked hard for it, I dropped times and other people dropped times,” junior Madeleine Phillips said. “They have a lot more girls than we do which is where we lost a lot of the points. I felt like we could’ve done better but I feel like we kept up.”

The swim team will be up against McNeil and Rouse next Saturday. The meet will be at Apache Blockhouse pool at 7:00 a.m. This meet will decide who gets to take home the Leander’s Cup.