Swim team earns second victory against Vista Ridge

Both Boys’ and Girls’ teams finish on top


Natalie Ditsler

A swimmer swims breaststroke. Their first victory of the season was against Rouse/Meridian.

Swimmers continued their winning streak with a total Boys’ score of 145-129 and a total Girls’ score of 138-124 last Saturday at Block House. The scores were close with Vista Ridge High School according to swimmers.

”It was a close score,” sophomore Ashton Frazier said. ”We were expecting to be a little more ahead, but we like it when people come swim with us because it makes us better.”

First place finishers for single events were junior Tanner Hartwick for Boys’ 100 yard Breaststroke, sophomore Ellie Butler for Girls 200 yard IM and sophomore Jayton De La Zerda for Boys’ 100 yard Butterfly.

“It was a fast meet in duration because it was just the two of us,” Coach Sully said. “I posted some neat aerial footage on my twitter. I was impressed, we had a lot of double wins. We had people finishing in the top five as well.”

Swimmers who accomplished double wins were sophomore Ian Schoeplein for Boys’ 100 yard Backstroke, sophomore Sarah Cano for Girls’ 500 yard Freestyle, sophomore Matthew Whieldon for Boys’ 500 yard Freestyle and sophomore Leon Ward for Boys’ 400 yard Freestyle Relay. 

It really came down to just getting our hands on the wall first.

— Coach Sully

“The neat thing about swimming is that with just two teams, everybody’s getting a chance to score points to go towards the total,” Sully said. “When it’s against one team, it’s a whole team effort. I’m proud of the fact that we were able to go toe-to-toe with a team just as deep as us and just as talented. It really came down to just getting our hands on the wall first. It was a fun meet.”

The next meet will be against Cedar Park and Stony Point High School on Saturday, October 3rd at 7:00 a.m. The meet will be at Apache Blockhouse.