If the World Was Mine

Editor’s note: 2009 graduate

By Lora Blackwell

Based on the poem “If I Was In Charge of The World” by Judith Viorst

If the World Was Mine



If the world was mine,

I would veto headaches,


Sneezes and especially college tuition.


If the world was mine

Everything would be candle-lit,

Tattoos would tickle, and

You could always cut hair back on.


If the world was mine,

There would be no nightmares,

There would be no malice,

There would be no hospitals,

Or “Get well soon.”

There wouldn’t even be illness.


If the world were mine

Playing pranks and being messy would be good behavior,

Everyone would have a theme song,

And a girl who tends to forget birthdays,

And tends to trust too much,

Would still get the chance

To have the world for her own.