‘Beasting’ Your Way through an Adolescent Vocabulary

By: Lauren Smith and Kaitlin Hutson

  • beasting for rizzles.Attention Adults: Have you been hearing things and not knowing what they mean? Do you feel lost in translation, just walking down the hallway? Fear not, for you do not have to sacrifice your maturity, by asking what something means any longer. We have your very own teenage dictionary that will solve all of the questions you have about the crazy words you hear every day.


  • Creeper– [kree-pur] (noun) one who creeps; someone who gives you a bad vibe due to their appearance, actions or choice of words.

Description: Used in a generally negative manner, usually with an insulting connotation.

Example: “Did you see that kid following me in the hallway the other day? He is such a creeper!”


  • Creeping- [kreep-eeng] (v.) the act of being a creeper; paying someone excessive attention in the form of talking, staring, or following them, until they feel uncomfortable.

Description: Often used to describe a disliked person, but can also be used to explain a pastime that one participates in while hanging out with friends.

Example: “I don’t know this kid, but he’s been staring at me all week. I don’t understand why has been creeping on me.”


  • Grummit- [gruhm-it] (noun) one who does not put a lot of effort into their daily appearance, actions, or choice of words.

(v.) Choosing to act and appear lethargic or careless.

Description: Not necessarily a positive or negative description; often used to describe someone who is tired or sick.

 Example: “I haven’t washed my hair in a week. I feel like such a grummit.”


  • Swoll- [swohl] (adj.) muscular or brawny.

Description: Used in a positive manner; generally toward more athletic people.

Example: “That kid is so swoll. He must work out like eight hours every day!”


  • Beast- [bee-st](noun) One who is exceptionally talented at something or just generally cool in all manners

(v.) The act of being incredibly good at something; extremely strong or talented

Description: Most commonly used with a positive connotation; generally with regards to a common interest.

Example: “What a beast. I don’t know any other person in the entire world who is as talented as him.”


  • Reppin’- [rep-in] (v.) flaunting one’s personal preference in the area of school, home, or activities.

Description: Often shouted to emphasize pride in one’s school, home, or choice of activities.

Example- “I’m reppin’ the Class of 2011! What, what!”