Hide and Seek

By Matt Brock

Hide and Seek

As soon as you

Close your eyes,

You will see.

Do not open them.

That will only make this harder.

I have to say good bye now.

Please don’t say anything right now.

When you open your eyes,

I will be gone.

And this will be one game of hide and seek

That you can not win.

Please don’t be angry,

And don’t cry;

The tears are the worst part

Of good bye.

I just need to move on,

Find myself,

And I can no longer do that here.

Life has passed me by,

And now I find myself playing catch-up.

And what good is that?

It really isn’t.

I have to come to terms

With my own mortality;

I have to take this chance.

I have to step away from the umbrella,

And feel the cold rain

Wash away my sins.

It must be this way.

We made a promise to each other,

And now,

We must fulfill it.

I need to be with him.

It is a burning desire that I have had to live with

For far too long.

So now,

I say farewell.

I will see you again,

Some day.

Just keep telling yourself

That life will go on,

And the tears will soon stop.

So smile,

And don’t worry.

All things turn right

In time.

And I know this is what’s best

For everyone involved.

But, to be safe,

Leave a key under the mat for me,

Just in case

I need to come home.

Now, count to three,

And open your eyes.

Wipe away the tears,

And continue to live your life.

Are you ready?