HOSA hosts blood drive

   by Matt Klein

   April 8, 2011, made a big difference in a lot of people’s lives.

   In the fall, an estimated number of over one hundred students and teachers gave blood. HOSA hosted their second blood drive of the year. According to Jean Poston, HOSA adviser, this drive’s estimated to be over one hundred donors as well. “All spots are filled with more requested;” Poston said.

   HOSA visits each high school in the district and around the area twice a year. In both the spring and fall, many teachers and students take up the opportunity to donate blood, potentially saving many lives. As packaged blood is a perishable item, all blood is used. One could not fathom how much of a difference just one donor can make, knowing their blood helped somebody in need out.

   Blood donors may also use vouchers to designate who their blood goes to. A donor gets credit for himself or can designate other family members as recipients.

   Poston’s brother, David Hensley has donated over ten gallons of blood over the course of his lifetime. Due to his rare blood typing, over eighty pints of blood were delivered to young babies in dire need.

   Always keep in mind that little deeds such as donating blood will help somebody greatly, possibly even save a life. The self-satisfaction isn’t the only thing that comes out of donating. Scholarships are available for those who donate a large amount of blood, over time, of course.