v  By Laura Draper

A small town in Texas with very few residents,

Not many have heard of Tow, and no one would care to go there.

Even my mother who lives there wishes she didn’t.

But it is there that I find a refuge,

A small lake with dark blue waters.

A lake where one would have to walk forty feet forward just to get to four feet deep.

The frigid water shocks, and then cools you the moment you step into it.

The area is all quiet except for the soft, rippling of the water,

 And the occasional fish coming up to feel the air.

The cold, muddy bottom of the lake would not suit many people,

But as my feet are consumed by the muddy bottom, I found that I rather enjoy this small town.

I step onto the shore and gaze around,

This isn’t the “endless sands,” or the “absolutely rock free” lake that anyone would dream of.

However, I see beauty through its imperfection.

I begin my walk back up to the small, one-room cabin that my mother is living in,

I notice a very large, and very thick log lying in the middle of the thick, tall grass,

I jump onto the log (actually having to jump because of its massive size),

 Eager to enjoy the lake scenery one last time.

I watch the wind turn the lake into small waves,

 I watch until day becomes dusk.

The sun that  made the water sparkle earlier that day is now hidden behind the clouds,

The water is turning a deeper blue color which I expect will soon turn to black.

I leave my spot on the log and make the rest of the trip to my mother’s small cabin.

The lake is not one that would impress many,

But I know that it will stay in my mind for many days to come.