Jazzy Juniors

Taryn Sanders: A colorful Monochrome

By Terry Ballard

   Purple is her room. Not partially, entirely. Purple, purple, purple…. it’s everywhere, in nearly every crease of the room. It is truly an astonishing sight. The room, though, contradicts everything she is. Dig deeper, raise the violet veil, and one will see the rainbow palette of colors that displays the true persona of Taryn Sanders.

   Taryn Sanders is a jovial character. She is a passionate dancer, an artist within her own craft. A junior, she is proud and happy to attend English, which is on the very top of her list.

   “I like English because I read a lot. Generally, most of my English teachers have been pretty cool, too,” she said.

   While juggling with countless responsibilities in the classroom, she still finds time to convey a generous spirit to others. Taryn works at a therapeutic horse riding center, spending a tremendous amount of time and strength helping disabled kids achieve something great.

   In the family, Taryn has the responsibility of an older sister. She has a younger brother of the age of 13. “He’s kind of dorky”, she said, “but I like him”.

   Among her delicate, precariously-chosen culinary choices, Chinese ranks number 1, topping all other eats in a dashing blow. “Chinese food is way better than any other food; it is the best,” said Taryn. Sesame chicken and egg rolls are among her picks. “My family doesn’t like or go to eat Chinese food that much, but I love it whenever I do go. The few times I eat Chinese food makes each time more valuable.”

   So, being such a colorful, wonderful person, what are her views on the fearful festivity of Halloween? Why does this certain event make us laugh? “It’s for little kids to dress up and play and have fun,” she said. “During Halloween, I can dress up and be somebody I’d never be in real life”.

   Taryn, like all students, has her opinions and prejudices on people. Perhaps she has a view on those weird and wacky hairstyles she sometimes sees. “People should be free to express yourself, but to some extent. If it’s distracting, I don’t think it should be permitted in school. I’m not against them, but I don’t necessarily approve them,” she said. “If I had the choice, I wouldn’t allow wacky hairstyles, which could prevent stereotypes.”

   Now she turns to a less political standpoint. “I saw Toy Story 3, and I really enjoyed it,” Taryn said while contemplating on her favorite summer movie theater memories. “It made me think of what my toys would do if they came to life. Pixar always makes original, thought provoking stories”. “I saw Step-up 3D, which was the first 3d movie I have seen. Easy-A was also good. It was hilarious,” she said.

What would Taryn Sanders do if global warming, a hot topic, would mean her death in 10 years? “I would probably use a different transportation, recycle more, and do everything I wanted to do if I knew I would die in 10 years,” Taryn said while contemplating this interesting topic. “I would like to leave a legacy in which people knew I had a positive impact on someone’s life.”

   A believer in heaven, Taryn would like to hear the harp as she arrives. “I’ve always thought of the harp as a beautiful, heavenly instrument,” she said.

   A rather colorful character, Taryn is one of a kind.