Leander Students Learn Key to Leadership

By Ashley Bagwell

  It takes a special type of person to stand on a stage and command the attention of over one hundred preoccupied students who would rather be hanging out with friends or asleep in their beds.

   Without this unique brand of person, evolution would be near impossible because without people who inspire change there can be no change.

   Approximately 175 LISD students from four high schools and two middle schools were given a unique opportunity, based on the potential for leadership they showed, to listen to experts on the subject during the first annual LEAD (Leander Educational Academy of Difference-makers) conference.

   “The general purpose [of LEAD] is to make students aware of how the way they carry and present themselves can impact how others perceive them without even realizing it,” Shawna Queen, LEAD coordinator and math teacher, said.

   Students heard from three speakers including Superintendent Bret Champion and motivational speakers Albert Gonzales and Shannon Pickard on subjects ranging from seizing every opportunity life hands them to the four key traits which make good leaders.

   “If I have a hundred dollar bill in my pocket, how much is it worth,” Pickard questioned. “It’s not worth anything until I spend it.”

   Pickard then related this analogy to the vast world of opportunities presented to American teenagers and how all of these opportunities mean nothing until acted upon.