Special Edition: Texting

   By Kaitlin Hutson

   This is the special edition of ‘Beasting’ Your Way Through an Adolescent Vocabulary were we go through almost every acronym used in text messages across the U.S.A (United States of America), and translate them for a better understanding. There are many different acronyms in the world of text messages. The following are the main acronyms involved.

LOL-Laugh out loud

  • Generally used in a positive manner. Used to acknowledge that something is funny as if laughing in a text message.

ROTFL-Rolling on the floor laughing

  • See ‘LOL’. This is generally used to indicate that something is so funny that you are on the floor laughing.

JK or JP-Just kidding or just playing

IDK-I don’t know

OMG– Oh my gosh

TTYL-Talk to you later

MLIA– My life is average

  • A statement in which a person feels as if nothing exciting or eventful has happened in his/her life.

BF & GF-Boyfriend and girlfriend

BFF– Best friend forever

  • Referring to a best friend

BFFN-Best friend for now

  • Generally used is a joking matter. Used to indicate that someone with only be your best friend for a short amount of time.

NVM-Never mind

BTW-By the way

WTH– What the heck?

  • Used in a negative manner. Often used when something may be confusing or displeasing.

TMI-Too much information

  • Generally used in a negative manner.  Used to indicate that someone has received too much information about a story or event and does not want to hear anymore.