The Roar

Sushi: fast becoming a favorite

January 23, 2009

v  By Alyssa Bickford         Americans taste for food has broadened rapidly throughout the years from a simple meal of a burger and fries, to what now is popular, sushi. Originating from China, sushi was a way to preserve the fish. Th...

Lower electric bills come at high costs

January 20, 2009

v  By Claire Toomey      Finals after winter break? Really? Do people seriously expect us to study on our days off? Who came up with this?    Starting last year our school schedule was majorly reconstructed. School...

Ugly Americans

January 15, 2009

v  By Ashley Bagwell    The ugly American is a common stereotype that exists not only in pop culture but also in the minds of most Americans. It is the common cliché of the rude and ugly American tourist vs. the beautiful but arroga...

Bedtime Stories

January 5, 2009

v  By Kaitlin Hutson    Behind Marley and Me, and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Bedtime Stories is currently ranked third in the box office with a weekly total of $23,592,144, and a total gross of $88,629,973.    In Bed...

Raw Danger

January 5, 2009

v  By Evia Zack    Everyone is aware of the vegetarian and vegan diets, but few are conscious of the ridiculous “raw foodist” movement. Contrary to other no-meat diets, this lifestyle is unhealthy and dangerous, not t...

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