Blue Belle Officers 2013-2014


by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

After a long 6 month process, 11 girls were chosen to lead the 2013-2014 Blue Belle team. 6 were selected to be company leaders, and the other 5 were chosen as officers. Congrats to:
Captain: Junior, Gaebri Anderson
1st Lieutenants: Juniors, Marah Thornhill, and Becca Sterner
2nd Lieutenants: Sophomores, Kourtnie Labay, and Maria Young
Head Company Leader: Sophomore, Lyrik Koottungal
Company Leaders: Juniors, Bailey Crites, and Hollie Kestler; sophomores, Juli Todd, Kiley Smith and Haley Decker
A couple girls are returning leaders and are expected to again do wonderful things for the team. Most girls are newbies at leading, but still just as excited to do their part.
“As head company leader I feel like this will be a learning process for me because I’ve never had this position before, but I’ll learn along the way,” Koottungal says. “I don’t really know exactly what’s expected of me right now because it’s so soon and I’ve never done this before. Right now I’m in charge of little sis-big sis things; company leaders deal with the more social aspects of Blue Belles and bringing people together.”
This past year there were 4 junior officers, 3 are returning. Sarah Reed, the 4th junior, will be stepping back to put more focus on school work, but 2 new very enthusiastic sophomores will take her place.
“We have 3 seniors next year; they’re a really great group of girls and-” Young says. “They’re a learning tool!” Labay interjects. “We’re going to learn a lot next year, and we all get along very well so it’ll be fun.” Young says.