Announcements from the Green Paws

by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

Green Paws, the recycling organization, had a general meeting on Thursday, December 6th, in Mr. Rucker’s room (315).

At the meeting, the officers reminded the members to initial the sign in sheet in the teacher’s lounge. They also pointed out that there are bins in the back of the school by the portables that accepts cardboard, paper, and plastic bottles, but to use the bins in the front first. If they are full, ask Mr. Rucker, the Green Paws sponsor, to call the organizations that pick up the recycling.

Teahcers, if you are leaving before your recycling has been picked up, please leave it outside your classsroom door. The recycling schedule is: 100s and 200s on Monday; 300s and 700s on Tuesday; 400s and 800s on Wednesday; and 500s, portables, and offices on Thursday. If you do not have a recycling box and would like one, please e-mail Mr. Rucker and one will be made and delivered as soon as possible.