LHS Hosts first Debate tourney of the year

by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

This Saturday October 20th at 8 am, at Leander High School, the debate team is hosting an Angelic Tourney. The tourney is considered angelic because the varsity debate team will be judging the novice debaters.
As of right now, no other schools are coming to compete because of software problems with registration. However, the novice debaters will be having their own little tourney so they can at least get some practice.
“We are going to have the tournament with our own novice debaters to give them the experience and so that we can work through the entire tournament experience. That way we will be ready for a full scale debate tournament next year,” Debate sponsor Mrs. Moneyhun said.
Unfortunately, the debate team would prefer not to have the public watching.

“Normally, we don’t have a problem with other debaters watching, but I think just public people coming in would intimidate our novice debaters too much,” Mrs. Moneyhun said.

There are four Policy-CX teams competing and one L/D debater who will be facing a varsity member if no schools register between now and Friday.