Meet the New Drum Majors

By Lauren Smith

  This past Saturday evening was the annual band banquet, at which the leadership team for next year was announced. Teaming up with veteran, Kelsey Blanscet, are Hanne Keiling and Hunter Green. All three drum majors have been in band since their freshman year and are very excited to be working together as leaders.


What do you think of your new team members?

They’re the best!  I couldn’t be more excited for next year! I think we make a great team.

Since you’re a veteran, do you get to be in charge of the others?

(Laughs) No. It just means that on top of the regular responsibilities of being a drum major, I get to teach the new guys.

What are you most excited about for the next marching season?

Everything! It’s going to be an amazing year for the program!


How excited are you to be a drum major?

Really excited! I’m extraordinarily happy to be part of something great.

Is this something you’ve been working toward?

Most definitely. Three years of hard work are finally paying off.

Are you going to have to cut off your hair?

No. All I have to do is pull it back and make it look as clean as possible.


How excited are you to be a drum major?

I’m extremely excited! Next year is going to be awesome—I can’t wait to see how our season turns out.

Is this something you’ve been working toward?

Yes! I’ve been a trumpet section leader since my sophomore year, and every season is a learning experience. I’m honored to have been chosen as a drum major for the ’10-’11 school year.

How are you planning to balance this huge responsibility with your already rigorous IB schedule?

Lots of praying (laughs).