Teachers open doors for parents

by Kaylee Cisna, Staff Writer

Administrators held an Open House at LHS on Monday, September 10, welcoming parents and kids to come take a little look at everything going on at LHS. There were tables set up in the commons for various clubs and organization such as the Blue Belles, yearbook, the Anime club, ASL, the Lacrosse team, and information on the new BYOD policy.

Parents were able to walk around the school, meet the teachers, and learn about their curriculums for the year. This was a great opportunity for parents to see what their kids would be able to be involved in and what a great opportunity this school gives them to help them succeed.

“It helped because it’s good to know my parents can get a feel of what the teacher is like, seeing all the clubs made me want to get involved,” Nicole McDaniel, sophomore, said.

This a yearly event and hope to see you there next year.