Cross country makes a ‘splash’ at invitationals

Varsity teams race at Islander Splash invitationals


Alex Ford

Senior Claire Crone runs at the Islander Splash invitationals. Crone finished with a time of 19:36.

The 5/6A varsity girls team placed first for the Islander Splash Invitationals at Corpus Christi. Senior Claire Crone came in first with her running time at 19:36. Junior Kami Taylor came in second place with a running time at 21:45.

“Islander Splash was a great team bonding experience,” Crone said. “We had a lot of fun and we got to have success in our race which always makes us happy.”

The 5/6A varsity boys team placed 10th out of 31 teams. The fastest runner for the boys was senior Rob Coe, running at 16:50. In second place was senior Justin Campbell at 18:02. In third was freshman Eralp Orkun with a time at 18:22.

“The fast time was good to see for regionals and to prep for the future,” Coe said. “After district is regionals and I’m just trying to move on so I can be on the next level.”

Another category was the JV large school two mile meet. Runners were junior Juan Guerrero who came in first with his running time at 11:40, freshman Carson Diamond with time at 12:45 place 103rd, senior Adam Broyles with time at 13:18 place 158th, senior Tyler Radovcich with time at 13:22 placing 161st, and senior Kali Banda with time at 13:51 placing 181st.  The cross country team also ran on Saturday, October 3rd at the McNeil Invitational where the school record, which was made by Crone, was broken by Crone.

Coming up is the District competition which is less than 3 weeks away on Friday, October 16.